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w3juke, extra controls closed

This is what w3juke looks like on the desktop in its normal mode. In this image, it is playing track 06-Set Back, of the album Risotto by the artist/group Fluke.

As can be seen, there is a little more useful information available to the user, such as the current calculated rating for the song, as well as the total number of tracks that are playable (2950) and the number of tracked that will never be played (59).

w3juke, extra controls enabled

This is what w3juke looks like when the user has opened the More button, to expose the rating controls. As you can plainly see, there are three different scopes which a user might choose to apply after hearing a song.

There are two large icons, for the two actions that a user is most likely to want to rate a song: Finally, there is a slider bar to allow for fine-tuning of the rating for the artist/album/track.
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